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Bliss in every sip!

Welcome to the world of fresh Moksha Coffees roasted to order and shipped with 2-day Priority Mail.

As Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree he attained Moksha which accurately translated is a point of no return. That is our goal with industry leading roasting techniques, to bring excellence to your cup of coffee and set you on journey to enjoy coffee varietals from around the world and no turning back.

Roasting to brewing methods and pairing

Each coffee varietal has a brewing method that it shines with and a pastry that is the perfect companion. We roast each varietal uniquely to develop these pastries whether it is delicate acidity to pair with a butter croissant or an earthy coffee for a dense chocolate cake.

Shade grown Coffee

We love forests and and natural vegetation. We support shade grown coffees wherever we can to save them. Sustainable farming methods are a key part of varietal selection. Shade grown coffee allows the region to keep its natural trees and protect the habitat of birds and other local animal life. Fertilizer is never used and crop rotation is used to keep the soil enriched.

Green Coffee Roasting and Quality

Our coffee roaster is state of the art when it comes to energy consumption. It is a new heat recirulating design that allows to keep a small carbon footprint. With multiple sensors and a responsive control system we monitor the roasting process for quality and repeatability for consistent flavor.